Imagine reaching your office in less than 10 seconds.

Access Management

Imagine an id card that scans your fingerprint before giving you access to a file.

Virtual Identity Card
Virtual Identity Card

Office Access

Desktop Access

Real time Validity

Key Applications : Employee Access Management System, Mobile Identity Cards, Secure Access Control, Biometric Attendance System, Attendance Management System, Fingerprint attendance management system
Instant Messaging

Imagine sticking a note onto a desk in new york from your desk in bengaluru.

Reminder Note
Reminder Note

Post to co-worker

Snooze it

Trash it

Key Applications Instant Messaging Application, Enterprise Messaging Application, Digital Post its, Digital Notes
Task Collaboration

Imagine an assistant that keeps track of all your tasks even while you are asleep.

Task List
Task List

Live Updates

Task delegation

Key Applications Task Collaboration, To Do List, Get work done, Task Management, Collaboration Software
Project Collaboration

Imagine a Binder capable of predicting your Project delays, and alerting you in time.

 Digital File Holder
 Digital File Holder

Identify Delays

Set Goals

Key Applications Project Management, Project Data Analytics
Contact Management

It's your Virtual Office Directory with a structured and easy to access contact list of all your colleagues, vendors, partners etc. It just gets you connected instantly.

Digital Address Book
Digital Address Book

Auto Updates

Team Communication

Key Applications Contact Manager Application, Contact Book, Directory, Enterprise Contact Management
Calendar Management

Imagine if you had an assistant, who is constantly organizing and rescheduling your day.

Day Planner
Day Planner

Auto Day Organizer

Availability Setting

Key Applications Calendar, Team Calendar, Enterprise Calendar software, Team Collaboration, Scheduling Software

Imagine if you are informed every time, your name is mentioned on any document within the organization.


Delivery Acknowledgement

Viewed Acknowledgement

Key Applications Mentions, Approval management system, Approval management engine
Video Conferencing

Imagine if you could rewind and review customer meetings at will.

Video Call and Conferencing
Video Call and Conferencing

Share Files

Record Meetings

Post Notes

Key Applications Video conferencing, Video Communication, Video Call, Video Collaboration
Voice Calls

Imagine if you could rewind and replay customer phone calls at will.

Voice Call and Conferencing
Voice Call and Conferencing

Record Calls

DND mode

Voice Mail

Key Applications Virtual EPABX, Virtual PBX, Voice Calls, Cloud Telephony, VOIP
Data Collection

Imagine getting an approval for your leave application in less than 30 seconds.

Virtual Forms
Virtual Forms

Team Collaboration

Instant Customization

Attention Markers

Key Applications Mobile Forms, Digital Forms, Data Collection, Data analytics
Time Sheet

Imagine if you could clock-in to work from central park, on a sunny day.

 Virtual Time Card
 Virtual Time Card

Virtual Time Card

Auto time sync

Key Applications Attendance management, Time management, Payroll Management, HR Management